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If you are worried that you might have a water leak, it may ease your mind to have your plumber in to do a water leak detection service using proper equipment. If you are experiencing mold growth, moisture on pipes, pooling water, peeling paint on the walls and baseboards, or if your water bills keep creeping up, there is a good chance that you have a water leak on your hands.

Although you would benefit from officially determining the source and doing a proper water leak repair, there are usually only a few reasons why you are probably experiencing a leak. Here are the most common reasons for household leaks.

1 – High Water Pressure

Having strong water pressure is comforting when you are in the shower and convenient when you are trying to fill your pots with water to cook or have a drink from the tap.

However, that same force can be problematic for your plumbing. The strength of the water batters the pipe, causing it to become weak, break and leak.

To rectify this, check your water pressure regularly. Reset it so that it is in about the 45-60 psi range.

2 – Low Water Quality

You may already know that you should have good water quality for the water that you and your family are consuming, but did you know that the same principle applies to your plumbing too?

The same impurities that threaten your family’s health, threatens your plumbing’s health too. Install a water purifier at your water source to make the water clean for your whole household.

3 – Rust Issues

If you’ve got copper pipes, listen up: you may be at high risk for corrosion in your plumbing, depending on the mineral composition of your water. When minerals, like salt interact with the copper pipes, rust forms. This breaks down the pipe material and causes leaks.

To keep this from happening, replace copper pipes with PVC, which is better able to withstand rust. It’s a good idea to run the water often and to set it for a lower temperature. Hot standing water will only speed up the rust process.

4 – Old Plumbing

How old is your home? Have you ever had a plumbing inspection done to see if your plumbing is still in good condition? Inevitably, after years of use, plumbing will begin to have issues and break down, which can lead to leaks.

If you address these issues, you likely won’t have to worry about plumbing leaks reoccurring in the future.

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