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Are you sure you’re all set to kick off your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? There’s no better way to boost the value of your home and personal quality of life than by performing renovations. But before you start taking measurements, you need to be sure you’re following all rules and regulations as set out by your local government.

Specific kitchen remodeling tasks require the application for a permit before they can even begin. If you ignore this step, it may end up costing you in a big way. There are many reasons in which it is beneficial for homeowners to acquire the right permits before any renovations. Want to learn more? Here’s what you should know about getting permits.

Licensed Professionals Require Them

If there’s no way a licensed kitchen or bathroom remodeling professional would ever engage in a project without a permit, why should homeowners?

These plumbing experts understand the risks and consequences of refusing to get permits. If you hire one to help with your renovation, it’s likely they will apply for the permits as part of their services.

If they don’t, make sure at least one of you initiates the process. Ask for some guidance if you’re not sure how to proceed. But be warned; if you refuse to acquire the necessary permits, a professional may turn away from the project.

Without a Permit, You May End Up Paying a Big Price

By not getting a permit to change or move plumbing systems, you could be risking a significant financial penalty. If a local inspector happens to be in your neighborhood and sees an unauthorized construction project, you may face a fine.

Furthermore, if one of your neighbors takes notice of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project and files a complaint, having a permit offers protection from any consequences.

Another way that refusing to get a permit can affect you financially has to do with the appraisal of your home. Should you decide to sell your property at some point in the future, any unlawful changes or additions could affect its appraised value. Potential buyers may also be notified of unpermitted renovations and could be more hesitant to go through with a purchase.

Renovation May Not Meet Safety Standards

Even though applying for permits can feel like a pain, and they often come with a fee, they exist for a reason.

The permit system was designed to protect the safety of residents by ensuring all projects adhere to strict building codes.

If you have questions about applying for plumbing permits in your area, contact Mission Viejo, CA municipal offices or local plumber.

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