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The humble garbage disposal has been around since the early 1920s, but there are still plenty of households out there in Mission Viejo, CA that still haven’t realized the benefits of this appliance and how it can work wonders for your kitchen.

Everybody wants a cleaner kitchen, for instance, and a garbage disposal can actually help you achieve that. Moreover, these appliances can also prevent clogs, reduce odors, and make cleanup a breeze, so if you haven’t yet already, here are some great reasons to jump on the garbage disposal bandwagon.

Cleanup Is Faster and Easier After Mealtime

Nobody really likes doing dishes after a meal, and the more efficiently you can wash up, the more free time you’ll have to spend with family. And one of the most annoying parts about post-meal cleanup is dealing with all the food scraps and waste.

When you have a garbage disposal, however, you can just pile all your plates and dishes into the sink, wash away, and then let the disposal deal with the scraps.

Once you’re done washing, drain the water, turn on the disposal, and allow the appliance to work its magic and grind up all the food waste for you. No more cleaning off plates into the garbage, rinsing, and then washing, and that means faster clean up and more time to yourself.

You’ll Reduce and Prevent Kitchen Clogs

The main cause of clogs in the kitchen is food waste that goes down the drain and gets lodged in the pipes, leading to slow-running drains, backups, smelly sinks, and headaches.

Certain foods in particular, like rice and pasta, can cause major problems because they’re absorbent, and if you don’t deal with these food clogs promptly, then they can lead to bigger issues down the road, including corrosion and pipe leaks.

The job of the garbage disposal is to grind food into tiny pieces, and this means it can be flushed through the pipes without the risk of clogging.

Bid Farewell to Kitchen Smells and Stinky Garbage

Food may be the reason the kitchen exists, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be the cause of certain problems. Take, for instance, the potent and unpleasant smells coming from the garbage or compost bin that are caused by rotting food waste.

When you dispose of food in the garbage or composter, the waste attracts microbes that lead to bad odors, and these can take over your entire kitchen, and make it less sanitary.

On the other hand, when you dispose of food in the garbage disposal, organic waste doesn’t sit in the trash and cause odors, meaning your kitchen will look and smell cleaner and fresher. Every homeowner dreams of having a kitchen that’s clean, sanitary, and functional, and a garbage disposal can help make that happen.

By pulverizing food waste and flushing it away through your plumbing, a garbage disposal will reduce odors in your garbage and kitchen, prevent clogs in the sink, make dishes easier to manage, and reduce the amount of food waste being diverted to landfills, meaning garbage disposals are just as good for the environment as they are for your kitchen.

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