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Spring has finally arrived and with it the showers that bring beautiful life, back to nature. Around this time, flowers begin to shoot up, nourished by fresh water. Just like this spring water helps provide healthy nutrition for the plants, your family can benefit from fresh well water too.

Odd transition? Perhaps, but having a well as your own source of water is a boon that you won’t regret. However, to make this a reality, you’ll need a sump pump and that decision can be more complicated than it sounds at first.

There are a variety of pumps and they are best for different situations. Avoid confusion by learning before you shop and your dream of obtaining your own water supply will be accomplished in no time.

Type #1: Shallow Well Jet Pump

Best for situations where the well is less than 25 feet underground, a shallow well jet pump is an option that will deliver good water pressure relatively simply.

Since the wells these pumps are good for are relatively shallow, the setup and assembly tend to pretty easy. Only one pipe tends to connect from the pump itself to the water source.

This means that the jet pump itself sits above ground and the atmospheric pressure helps the pump function as a sort of straw that sucks the water up at high pressure.

Type #2: Deep Well Jet Pump

For deeper wells, a jet pump can still be used but it is a different engine and setup. The setup for this situation is called a double-drop jet pump system.

There are a couple of key differences that allow this deep well jet pump to function better for lower wells.

In this setup, while the main engine remains above ground, the jet portion of the setup is closer to the water, to make for a more energy-efficient setup.

This means that installation can be a little more complicated as two pipes are used to connect to the engine, but it makes the efficient jet pump an option for deeper wells.

Type #3: Deep Well Submersible Pump

Another solution for the lower depths is the deep well submersible pump. If jet pumps are straws, deep well submersible pumps are more like pushing the water up from the bottom. The whole unit is found in the well, instead of above it.

This does make repairs and maintenance more likely to require a professional but these units are extremely reliable and designed to perform their job for up to 25 years. It can also be used in shallow wells but, often, items like silt and algae can hamper these pumps, making them better suited for the deep wells.

When spring arrives, the plethora of flowers that bloom is numerous. Similarly, there are a wide variety of well pumps that can ensure your own water supply. It may seem confusing but there are professionals ready to help. A call to one of the water pump experts at Always Plumbing Heating and Air  will pay off and help you enjoy the fresh water of your own well in no time. Simply give us a call at (949) 272-8192 .

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