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Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide: Plumbing Edition

Spring signals change inside and outside. The barren trees and lawns give way to leaves and flowers while people refresh their homes. If you want to do more than vacuum and store away winter clothes, it pays to take your spring-cleaning to another level.


Why Spring Cleaning is Important?

Longer days and warmer temperatures give folks a mental boost. With renewed energy, they take on the task of spring-cleaning their homes.

This important task gives you a chance to declutter your home, wipe down surfaces, and reduce any allergens that could cause a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other uncomfortable symptoms. However, the majority of these efforts typically concentrate on the places where you spend most of your time.

Don’t overlook giving your plumbing some much-needed TLC. Include the following chores in your spring-cleaning list to ensure your plumbing continues to function properly.


Preventative Maintenance for Your Plumbing

Clean kitchen sink drains

Ever deal with gnats in the summer? Wonder where they’re coming from? These pests live in the drains and feast on old food matter. When you’re done cleaning out the sinks, don’t forget to have your drains professionally cleaned. You’ll prevent not only a gnat infestation but also clogged pipes. Clogs can lead to other problems such as stopped-up sinks and leaks beneath the cabinets.

Dust the bathroom fan

Your vent fan, if used an hour a day, will exhaust more than 2,000,000 cubic feet of air a year. With so much air running through it, the cover and the fan collects a lot of dust that will restrict airflow, rendering this critical piece of equipment useless. Excess humidity will lead to mold.

Give it the exhaust fan the attention it deserves this spring. Here’s how to clean it:

  • Turn off the fan at the switch or circuit breaker

  • Remove the cover by pressing the springloaded clips inward

  • Place the fan cover on a towel on the floor and vacuum with the bristle brush attachment

  • Use the vacuum’s dusting attachment to clean around the fan housing and motor

  • Reinstall the cover

Scrub the toilet tank

You’re good about cleaning the toilet bowl at least weekly, but when is the last time you cleaned the tank? Giving the tank a thorough scrubbing probably never occurred to you, but over time this part of the toilet will become slimy or scale-ridden with corrosion.

To clean it:

  • Shut off the water valve. It’s usually near the base of the toilet

  • Remove the lid from the tank and flush until empty

  • Fill the tank with a mixture of water and vinegar and let sit for 12 hours

  • Flush

  • Turn the water valve back on

Flush out your water heater

Help your water heater operate more efficiently by removing gunk and mineral deposits once a year.

  • Turn off the water heater. If it’s a gas model, locate the gas valve and turn it to the off position. If electric, turn it off at the breaker box

  • Turn off the cold water supply to the water heater

  • Turn on the hot water in a sink or tub to prevent a vacuum from forming in the lines. Leave it on during the entire flushing process

  • Open the pressure relief valve to help water flow more easily

  • Connect a garden hose to the drainage spigot with the other end of the hose outside

  • Turn on the spigot and drain

  • Watch as the water drains from your water. It will likely be dark with sediment

  • Turn on the cold water spigot leading to the tank to flush the water heater

  • Continue watching the discharge from the hose until the water runs clear

  • Turn off the spigot and disconnect the hose

Wait for cold water to fill the tank, then reverse course to make the appliance operational again. (Note: This may require re-igniting the pilot light if it’s a gas model.)


Always Plumbing: Ready to Spring Clean Your Home

Spring-cleaning sounds like a chore to some, but it’s an essential step in keeping your home clean and functional. Give your plumbing the same attention you would your living spaces. If you run into any complications along the way, contact Always Plumbing at (949) 523-1992.