What You Shouldn’t Toss Down Your Garbage Disposal

How to Prevent Your Garbage Disposal

If there’s one appliance that’s pretty underrated in the kitchen, it has to be your garbage disposal. Without it, all the food scraps that find their way into your kitchen sink would remain whole and quickly cause you to experience clogs every other time you did dishes.


However, contrary to popular belief, not everything is safe to toss into your garbage disposal. In fact, there are several food items that can cause big problems if tossed into your disposal. Try to avoid throwing the following food items down the drain.


You should never toss larger bones down your disposal — even small bones from chicken or fish can cause the grinders inside your unit to break or the unit to jam entirely. If you accidentally toss a small bone down there once or twice, it shouldn’t do too much damage, but you definitely shouldn't make a habit of this.


Whether they be peanuts, cashews, almonds, or other nuts, by tossing these legumes down your disposal, you run the risk of creating a type of sink-water peanut butter. When the nuts are ground up in your disposal and combine with water, they can become a thick, sticky mess that will coat the inside of your unit, causing it to malfunction.


You know that funny trick that involves throwing pasta at the wall to see if it sticks? The same thing applies if you put pasta down your disposal, it (and other starchy foods) will clump up and stick to each other, the walls of your disposal, and your blades, ultimately clogging your unit.

Fibrous Foods

Keep pumpkin scraps, celery, and other stringy foods in your trash bin. The strings can wrap around the grinders and prevent them from turning properly, causing the appliance to jam.


When your disposal breaks down, it is important that you call a professional plumber to perform the necessary repairs. At Always Plumbing Heating and Air , we offer same-day services so that the time you’re without a garbage disposal is minimal. Give us a call at (949) 523-1992 or contact us online. We’ll get it back up and running in no time.