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Grilling Tips for the Perfect Summer

Make this the summer you step up your grill game. Here are five tips to take your barbecue to the next level.

Go Charcoal

Those new to grilling often have trouble deciding between gas and charcoal grills. The biggest downside to gas grills is that you won't always get the same flavor you can expect from charcoal grills. If you already have a gas grill and don't want to buy a new one, you can buy wood chips to help enhance the flavor of your food.

Use Wood From Fruit Trees

Wood chips add flavor whether you use gas or charcoal to grill. If you would like to get the best results possible, use wood chips from fruit trees. Wood from fruit trees (such as cherry) has more flavor and fewer impurities.

Soak Wood Before Grilling

Smoke from your grill adds flavor and a refined touch to your meats, and you can take steps to get even more from your wood chips. Soak them in water for at least an hour before grilling. Soaked chips create more smoke to enhance the flavor even more.

Avoid Checking the Temperature Too Much

Don't check the temperature of your grill too often because it lowers the temperature each time you do. For the best results, only check the temperature once every half hour.

Clean Your Equipment

Keeping your equipment clean is the best way to control the flavor of your food and prevent cross-contamination. Letting your grill burn for an hour removes impurities and keeps your equipment clean.

Bottom line: Hopefully, these tips will help you attain grillmaster status. However, one thing a grillmaster will never do is put scraps of corn on the cob, bones, potato, or macaroni salad into the drain. These foods can damage your kitchen’s garbage disposal and cause major clogs. If you encounter any plumbing problems, depend on Always Plumbing Heating and Air at (949) 523-1992.