Eco-Friendly Cooking Tips

As we become more aware of our impact on the Earth and our dwindling resources, green living and sustainability are on everyone’s minds. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the average household uses up to 27 gallons of water just while washing the dishes! Keep reading to learn how you can reduce your water waste and use energy more efficiently.

How can I save water in the kitchen?

Reuse water from washing produce

Instead of letting the water run down the sink as you wash your vegetables or fruit, collect the water in a bucket! Then, reuse it to water your garden or houseplants.

Upgrade to an EnergyStar dishwasher

A certified EnergyStar dishwasher can use as little as 3 gallons of water for every load! Besides saving water, a more efficient dishwasher can save electricity compared to some older models.

Steam vegetables

Steaming vegetables uses less water than other cooking methods. As a bonus, this method of cooking helps retains more of the nutrients in your food!

How can I save energy in the kitchen?

Grill outside

Cooking outside reduces the electricity or gas used in your home by cooking on the stove or in your oven. Plus, cooking outdoors will help you keep your home cooler which means you’ll save on your cooling costs!

Let leftovers cool before putting them in the fridge

Putting warm or hot leftovers inside your refrigerator means that your fridge has to expend more energy to cool the food down to the desired temperature.

Cook larger portions

Reheating food takes a lot less energy than preparing new meals. Consider meal prepping to cut back on your cooking time and energy use.

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