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F O'Brien
F O'Brien 5.0

Amen was courteous, prompt, and did a 5-star job for us. We will call again the next time we need plumbing services.

Maya Samardzija
Maya Samardzija 5.0

Both Amen and Derek are exceptionally competent, knowledgable, experienced and honest plumbers. They helped me with numerous and various projects, from installing a new heat pump, tankless water heater, to replacing or descaling and lining the sewer ...pipes, replacing rubber toilet rings with wax rings etc. I can always count on their boss Joe, and Amen and Derek to provide superior service!Read More...

Akie Kaneda
Akie Kaneda 5.0

Good experience! I called in the afternoon and got a return call in a few hours. They were able to schedule a plumber to be at our home the next morning, which was great! The plumbers name was Amen, he was professional and experienced, he knew what to do ...and gave a thorough explanation including repair options at different price points which allowed us to consider our budget. Once we decided on repair plan, Amen brought in a team to assist and completed a large job in 7 hours. I recommend Amen!Read More...

Marc Larson
Marc Larson 5.0

Amen was great thanks

Caroline Casey
Caroline Casey 1.0

I paid Always Plumbing $953 for a new toilet, shut-off valve and supply line. The toilet is not made of gold. It’s a basic, American Standard, with a plastic lid. I had initially called when the tank stopped filling on my old toilet. I was quoted a ...charge of $688 to replace the flapper. I was in a panic w/ company coming, so – not knowing anything about plumbing – I agreed to this outrageous price. Less than 2 weeks later, tank stopped filling again! Manager would not call back, but sent a new, more experienced technician. He told me first assessment was wrong & quote from his colleague showed a number of errors. He said I needed a new toilet as my unit was very old. He recommended a new shut-off valve & supply line as well. “How much will this cost? And what about the $688 I already paid?” I understood him to say it would be rolled over to the new job. He went outside & called his mgr for approval. I also understood him to say that the new shut-off valve & supply line – a $265 value – would be thrown in as a concession for the botched first appointment. I am positive that I clarified with him that $688 is all I would pay. For this, I would get a new toilet, shut-off valve & supply line. Still a lot, but far more in line, and I appreciated the concession, so I approved the job. Imagine my surprise when the additional $265 showed up on my credit card statement, bringing my total outlay to $953! I assumed it was an error and the $265 would be quickly credited back. Instead, I got customer service, who claimed that all she could see from their system was that the $265 was for a “new job.” I was sure I had understood my technician, correctly. I asked them to give him a call as he would probably remember. Since then, I have placed 3 more calls asking for either the $265 to be refunded or to have a manager call me and explain why this simple job cost $953. I have since had the chance to discuss my experience with other plumbers and they all said the same thing: “Lady, you got ripped off.” For the record, this is the first negative online review I’ve ever written. I think the first technician was young and made errors. The second was very competent and, I believe, honest. My issue is with management. How is it that my multiple requests to speak with someone in charge were not honored? I’m a reasonable person and even if this outrageous price must stand, I deserve an explanation. I was also told by the first technician that I could get a $25 discount if I gave a Google review. I won’t hold my breath for either one.Read More...

London K
London K 5.0

Actually I'm posting on my granddaughter's Google account. I don't have one. Needed a new water heater right away. I called Always and they got right back to me. We scheduled an appointment for that morning. Timothy came out gave me an estimate. Showed ...me things that needed to be done and we agreed that doing it the right way is the best way. Timothy went to get the needed supplies and came back and that afternoon we had hot water again. Timothy T. is a real pro. Now my next water heater will be my son's problem. Any new plumbing problems I will call Always and ask for Timothy T.Read More...

Sean Reigle
Sean Reigle 2.0

Was never supplied with a receipt for work performed or a copy of contacts. Water softener was installed but appears that installation instructions were not followed, sending filter material into everything in the home. Repeated calls afterwards left ...unanswered. Workmanship seemed decent, but I would stick with basic basic plumbing or emergency needs. $1200 to replace a faucet in bathroom seems excessive, continual upsell attempts to replace items. "Site visit" reports sent after visit did not contain anything usual, pictures were all just garage slashes. Extra star for coming quickly and solving immediate issues on first visit. Seems company only cares before you agree to job and then they leave you hanging like an exRead More...

Saneeya Khan
Saneeya Khan 5.0

Woke up to find my toilet tank cracked and started leaking all over the floor. I called a few places but none of them were giving me availability. Always was able to send someone over in a few hours and was able to get a new toilet replaced quickly.

laurie jones
laurie jones 5.0

Patient,respectful, kind, and he knows what he’s talking about. And we want HIM again next time we need help. thank you Timothy Thomas

Mark Karpenko
Mark Karpenko 5.0
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