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Spring is upon us! That means longer days, warmer weather – and of course more rain showers. Those spring showers may be great for the flowers you planted in the garden, but did you know that they can also threaten your outdoor plumbing – and your health?

You probably already know to look out for rusty pipes, but rainy weather can also cause other problems for your plumbing system. Read on to learn more about what you should be looking out for this season.

The Danger of Broken Pipes and Slab Leaks

Broken pipes can mean a disaster for your home and your health. After heavy rains, especially after a period of dry weather, the added weight of the rainwater can cause the ground to shift.

This shift puts extra pressure on the underground pipes on your property, which can lead to broken pipes. If you notice discoloration or grit or other debris in your water after heavy rains, you may have a broken underground pipe.

Slab leaks are a particular kind of leak in the pipes under the foundation of your home. Slab leaks can cause significant damage – sometimes even the collapse of your home’s foundation!

If you notice mold, water around the perimeter of your house, cracks, dampness, or problems with your water pressure, you may have a slab leak. Broken pipes and slab leaks can be very expensive to repair.

The dampness and flooding that can result also means you’ll have to deal with health hazards like pests, mold, and bacteria that thrive in damp areas.

You should have your plumbing system inspected regularly to catch weak pipes early and make sure your pipes aren’t too old. If your pipes are really old, consider having them replaced.

Watch Out for Sewer System Overflow

Rainy weather can also cause issues with your sewer system. If your sewer lines become full with rainwater, you may find yourself dealing with sewer water coming back up through your drains.

If you have cracks in your sewer lines, heavy rains can also wash dirt and other debris into your plumbing system, causing blockages and flooding.

If you notice a soggy yard or other wet areas on your property, you probably have a water leak of some sort. The flooding caused by overflow can also damage your home, so you should keep an eye on vulnerable areas like your basement. Not only can flooding physically damage your home, but it can also bring hazardous materials (like sewage) into your home.

Avoid Expensive Emergency Repairs with a Plumbing Inspection

An experienced plumber can help repair any issues caused by heavy rains, such as broken pipes and flooding.

However, you can avoid these kinds of costly emergency repairs altogether by properly maintaining your plumbing system.

A plumbing inspection before the rainy season can help identify any weaknesses in your plumbing system. With proper maintenance, you won’t need to worry about the problems that the rain may bring and instead be able to enjoy all that spring has to offer.

Do you have experience dealing with the consequences of heavy rains? Tell us about it in the comments below. If you need repairs or an inspection, Always Plumbing Heating and Air can help. Call us at (949) 272-8192 and get the plumbing solutions you need, when you need them most.

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