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Walking through a puddle of water outside is annoying–it makes your shoes, socks, and feet feel wet for hours. What’s worse than simply walking through a puddle of water? Standing in one while you shower. You might not find it gross but just think about all the grime that you wash from your body on a daily basis.

The whole purpose of a shower is to get clean, but standing in a puddle of grey water means your feet stay relatively dirty. If you’ve been noticing that your shower is filling up like a bathtub, it is likely due to a clogged drain or dirty pipes. There are several drain cleaning methods, but one of our favorites is hydrojetting.

Keep reading to find out more about this easy and effective process!

What is Hydrojetting

The term ‘hydro jetting’ can be broken down quickly and easily by looking at each word: hydro- referring to water, and jetting- being defined as forcing a liquid (in this case water) through a small aperture at high pressures.

Basically, when you choose to have a drain cleaning, a technician uses high pressured water through a nozzle in your drains. This process will break away dirt, debris, clogs, grooming products, tree roots, and anything else you can imagine.

Because this process only uses water, it is safe for you and your family. You don’t have to worry about coming across leftover chemicals or any damage to the environment. Hydrojetting is also completely safe for your pipes and plumbing. Each of these points is worth mentioning because they are untrue for store-bought cleaners.

To add to the benefits, hydro jetting also will blast away any biofilm, bacteria, or other contaminants that may be lurking in your drains. E. Coli and Legionella are two such contaminants that can make your family sick even if consumed in very small amounts.

Typical Costs of Hydrojetting

While hydrojetting may not be the cheapest available option on the market, you should consider it your only one. When your plumbing is cleaned, pipes are left spotless and smooth, leaving little chance for new clogs to form. In addition, routinely having drains cleaned every few years can keep major costs from piling up.

Generally speaking, the actual cost of hydrojetting your pipes and drain can range from $150-500. This cost is wide and varied because it depends on the severity of each clog as well as the type of drain being cleaned. If you are interested in a more exact price, call us for a quick estimate!

Call Always Plumbing For Drain Cleaning Services!

We understand that there are a number of plumbers that you could call to clean your drains and we are honored to be considered as one of your choices.

Always Plumbing takes pride in our customer service so you can count on our technicians to be on time, polite, and tidy. In addition to great customer service, we offer upfront pricing so you never have the surprise of a major plumbing bill.

If you are ready to stop standing in shower water or are tired of cleaning up overflowed toilets, it’s time for a hydrojetting service, and it’s time to call Always Plumbing!

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